Wednesday, June 9, 2010

It's still spring

This past Sunday was balmy as I took to the mean street of St. Paul for Grand Old Days. I pushed my cab up and down Summit Ave for the better part of four hours. The name summit brings ideas of a mountain top, yet here in the Heartland of the midwest, there are not mountains only hills and slopes. Yet when the weight of humans is cargo (we are dense creatures, mostly water but have you ever tried carrying water? Very dense) each gradient is felt in the thighs.
The benefit of going uphill is downhill speed, and this cab can go downhill very well. At one pint when departing west from Snelling Ave I shouted to the riders "hold onto your hats, this is the fun part."

I also happen to pick up Steve Seel a DJ on The Current who was in a hurry to intorduce a band a half mile or so down the road. The shuttle there is infamously bogged down by the other thousands of people looking for a place to park along Summit. Necessity is the mother of invention and huzzah there I was inventing a fun new way for him to get to where he needed to go. He then mentioned such a ride on his radio show the next morning, I was sleeping and resting my muscles, but a lovely soul passed on the shoutout and I was proud to have had such a prominent figure take a ride.

As Business heats up with more and more festivals, there is also a scampering among the animals. The one at war daily with the automobiles. Here is one more casualty I spotted on Freemont Ave and 31st st south. One day I hope to have shown a light on these horrors much in the way Matthew Brady did.

The Boxelder's look as if they are in formation to mount a counter offensive, southside beware.

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