Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Earth Day- Week

Pedicab ride on the Greenway this afternoon spotted this woman who was riding her bike back from school. She was showing her students her art bike that she made form MayDay Parade last year. Made from Bamboo and Paper Mache this Bee bike was visually stunning, her helmet called out 'Bee Green'

This earth day on Thursday I should be out in full force, my energy restored after running in the Earth Day Half marathon this past Saturday in St. Cloud. I learned from my first race since High School that perseverance make many things possible, discomfort is temporary, and memories tend to last longer then the aches.

Ride on, biking is serious Bee's-niss, hardy har har.

In the first edition of what I will call Pedicab Pugilism, my attempt to document the battle waged daily on the mean street of Minneapolis by the Murderous machines that brazenly bombard our streets with lethal speed.
This poor cat I shall call Mr Buttons lost the battle of 34th st S and Oakland.
RIP MR BUTTONS, Unknown ---04/19/2010

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