Monday, August 24, 2009

Natures Prophecy

In the wake of the storm I have thought quite a lot about the conflicts that humanity has with nature.
I see dead squirrels on the road all the time, I am tempted to take pictures with them, titled with an obituary for the squirrel, "Man V. Nature" the ultimate lawsuit.

This is a picture of nature striking back, in the realm of Koyaanusqatsi

The damage of the storm has an eerie proximity to the hot topographical depression called 35W. The sweltering mess of cars may have provided a energetic push as storms tend to get absorbed in the density of the city, but a large flat open space like an interstate might have an effect on the weather.

Perhaps nature does not want more interstates, and that the ahead in the trees is a signal to our future. Damage will happen if we continue down this path of ongoing consumption.

If the world was incinerated today, as if there were a global Pompeii, the finders of our remains would look at the world we inhabit very curiously. I wonder what they would think when looking a the living quarters of most americans and the orientation of many of the rooms around a strange box-like device... called the television.

In a world where television is the dominant media device we sometimes forget why television exists, yes Edison thought it was a great way to capture a moving image, and movies are great ways to tell stories. Yet primarily television exists to sell you things, they post commercials so that you consume their goods. The television promotes consumption, Wal-Mart promotes itself as a cheap alternitive spouting 'Save Money, Live Better' they surprisingly don't mention that you are spending money, not saving it when you consume their goods.

Cars and Television, the battle with nature begins...

We here at Peterson's Pedicabs are witnessing the front lines, the city streets, the dead squirrels and the downed trees. I'll keep you posted, perhaps there will be an amazing booth at the MN state fair that will hold the answers magically like a Roald Dahl book.

Upwards and Onwards


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