Wednesday, June 17, 2009

25th Bicycle Corps

In the meanwhile of getting everything set up for the pedicab, the logo is finished but need to get picked up in Shakopee tomorrow. Shakopee which means 'the six'
according to wikipedia is called such because chief Shakopee had a wife who had sextuplets, which back in the day was probably more impressive the octomom.
I also perused a quick search through the American life historical database at the U of M libraries website, and I came across the 25th Bicycle Corps, an all black regiment that used their bicycles to travel through the mountains in Montana and as far as Kansas City. There are photos of them here and there in the record, one guy is retracing their steps and blogging about it on
It's a pretty good read, for those who wonder about the benefits bicycles gave certain industries that were typically tied to horseback, like the postal worker or the army officer, or policeman.

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